Peter Barger

Barger’s work reflects the influence of Picasso and Matisse, evidenced by the sophistication of his works in the understatement of line and his economy of color.  His imaginative, whimsical and often dreamlike etchings have a deceptive air of simplicity.  Delicate as his hand-colored images are, they speak with assurance of large subjects and deep feelings; love, friendship, loneliness, childhood.  That he is a professional is evident in the outstanding quality of his prints.

Artist Statement:

I was born in 1947 in New York City and grew up in Englewood, New Jersey. My parents where both painters. My father painted houses and my dear mother was a portrait painter. She was my earliest influnce. I would watch her paint portraits of the local ballerinas with paintbrush in hand.

Soon after, I saw an article about Picasso in Life Magazine. I knew then that I wanted to be an artist. After high school I went to art school at the Newark School of Fine Arts in New Jersey. I studied different printmaking techniques at Pratt Graphic Center in NYC. Right away I started to make a living selling my etchings through art galleries and local art shows.  I have created illustrations for notable magazines and books. Many of my etchings are illustration ideas for children’s books that I hope to publish someday. Others are portraits of people I know, including my greatest creations to date; my daughter Anna and my son Evan.