Joan Barber lives in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  She was born in Oregon in 1941, and graduated from the Museum Art School, Portland, Oregon in 1963 where she received full scholarship.

She has studied with Louie Bunce, Michael Russo, George Johanson. Barber enjoys a national reputation for her figurative work but also paints compelling landscapes and abstracts. Using oil paint on linen, her strongly drawn figures are narrative in nature and stretched taut into richly patterned environments. Her figurative characters, frequently young women dressed or half-dressed in amusing outfits, are derived from imagined memory thus leaving everything to invention-including facial language, as important to Barber as body language.

Barber paints quickly, keeping the brush moving over everything to sustain her access to these inner worlds.  She wants to prevent subconscious motives from escaping, from dilution by premature reflection.  In her paintings she captures the tension, bliss, confusion, sexual plots, plans, disorders, sorrow, whispers, naked resilience, passion, impudence and restlessness that smolders beneath us all.  Her art suggests our impatience for ecstasy.  She says, “I take it all as mine because it is no different than my own.”


1963 Museum Art School, Portland, OR

Solo Exhibitions
2008 Flomenhaft Gallery, NYC, NY
2005 Ferrin Gallery, Lenox, MA
2005 Selby Fleetwood Gallery
2004 Amerger & Yohe Fine Art, Boca Raton
2004 Ferrin Gallery, Lenox, MA
2001 Deloney Newkirk Gallery; Santa Fe, NM
2001 Ute Stebich Gallery; Lenox, MA
2000 Deloney Newkirk Gallery; Santa Fe, NM
1999 Deloney Newkirk Gallery; Santa Fe, NM
1998 Ute Stebich Gallery; Lenox, MA
1997 Ute Stebich Gallery; Lenox, MA
1995 Hanna Gallery; Stockbridge, MA
1995 Walker-Kornbluth Gallery; Fairlawn, NJ
1994 Hanna Gallery; Stockbridge, MA
1993 Hanna Gallery; Stockbridge, MA

Group Exhibitions

2008 Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2007 Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2006 Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2005 Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2004 Erlich Gallery, Marblehead, MA
1996 Hoorn-Ashby Gallery; New York, NY, and Nantucket Island, MA
1995 Blackburn and Yates Gallery; Frenchtown, NJ


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Carnival Cruise Lines
Portland Art Museum, Portland OR
Hancock Shaker Museum, Pittsfield, MA
JMW Consultants Inc, Stanford, CT
Iredale Mineral Cosmetics Ltd, Great Barrington, MA
Peabody & Arnold LLP, Boston, MA
Enid Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA & Tucson, AZ
Carol Gilligan, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Offices of the World Bank in Manila and numerous private collections here and abroad.