Artist Statement on Pitchers:

As I create pitchers, I seek out a sensitive balance that results in functional elegance.  The elongated spouts follow a gentle curve that I echo when shaping the handle.  Working with the proper finesse, I can persuade the glass to follow long graceful lines.  Therefore, the profile line drawn from the tip of the spout, across the full waist, and to the base is watched very closely as to maintain a beautiful curve.  All of these elements in my pitchers cause them to serve their purpose, to pour well, while also giving them a strong presence as they stand-alone.

Artist Bio:

In 1972, Cal Breed was born to an artist and an engineer.  This combination of the expressive and the critical laid the framework for a life coursed by grasping to bridge the seemingly dichotomous.  After years of studying the beauty of the ocean, and its life, and almost finishing a degree in Marine Biology at Auburn University, Cal’s heart was burdened with the need to be expressive with his hands.  Bowing to that burden, he began to study the arts.  Having such a quiet demeanor he sought for a material that inherently spoke boldly and clearly.  In 1994 Cal found glass—first in assembling stained glass windows, and finally to glassblowing.

Cal spent six months apprenticing under Cam Langley, one of the South’s few hot glass artists.  During this time Cal became entranced by both the medium of glass and the process by which it is made.  From there, Cal went to Haystack to study with Paul Cunningham who pushed Cal to finish his BFA degree at Ohio State University under Ruth King.  Upon graduation from Ohio State in 1997, Cal did some Graduate work with Jack Wax at Illinois State University which opened many doors to the possibilities with glass as an art medium. He also continued honing design and technical skills by studying with Dante Marioni, Dick Marquis, Lino Tagliapietra, Benjamin Moore and Richard Royal at both The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Pilchuck Glass School.

In 2003 Cal opened his personal studio, Orbix Hot Glass on the edge of Little River Canyon National Preserve in North Alabama.  Today, Orbix creates a Studio Series and a Signature Series that adhere to Cal’s original purpose of marrying the engineer and artist within him.  All of the designs pay close attention to proportion, color, purity and form.  Each is chosen with specific intention to accentuate details particularly innate to glass.  The Studio Designs use simple overlapping techniques to create optical distortions, and highlight contrasts of rich and vague color.  The Signature Designs, mainly defined by multiple transparent incalmo bands, employ color gradients and optical density to express breathtaking arrangements.

Since the opening of his studio, Cal has received numerous awards and honors including, the Alabama State Council of Arts Individual Artist Grant for 2005, the 2004 Niche Award, full and half scholarships to Pilchuck Glass School and Haystack Mtn. School.  Most recently, Cal was given the prestigious 2007 Corning Foundation Award from Pilchuck Glass School.  This award is one of Pilchuck’s highest awards and recognizes its most outstanding student from its summer courses.

Illinois State University                            1998/99
-Graduate Studies

The Ohio State University                            1997
-Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude

Pilchuck Glass School                            1997, 2006, 2007
-Studied under Dante Marioni and Dick Marquis, Richard Royal, Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts                        1994, 1996, 2003
-Studied under Paul Cunningham, Lino Tagliapietra, Benjamin Moore

Professional Experience

Juror, Alabama State Council of Arts 2007 Fellowship Recipients                2006

President/Designer Orbix Hot Glass Studio, Fort Payne, AL                2002/Present

Studio Assistant for Jack Wax, Normal, IL                        1998/99

Studio Assistant for Mark Petrovic, Normal, IL                    1998

Gaffer and Studio Assistant at Rage Glass, Columbus, OH                1996

Studio Assistant for Ruth King, Columbus, OH                    1995/97

Studio Assistant for Cam Langley, Birmingham, AL                    1994/95

Teaching Experience

Pilchuck Glass School – Teaching Assistant for R. Royal/Pino Signoretto            2008

Pilchuck Glass School – Teaching Assistant for Paul Cunningham                1998

Illinois State University – Teaching Assistant for Advanced Glass                1998

Glass Axis, Columbus, OH – Paperweight and Intermediate Glass                1997

The Ohio State University – Teaching Assistant for Beginning Glass            1997

Glass Axis – Teaching Assistant for Paul Cunningham                    1996


Corning Foundation Award Full Scholarship – Pilchuck Glass School            2007

Pilchuck Glass School Scholarship Recipient                    2006

Alabama State Council of Arts – Individual Artist Grant                    2005

2004 Niche Award, Latitude Vase                        2004

Arts and Sciences Awards for Excellence in Scholarship                1997

Pilchuck Glass School Full Scholarship Recipient                    1997

Hoyt L. Sherman Memorial Scholarship Award                    1997

Mary Beason Bishop and Francis Sumner Merit Scholarship                 1996

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Best of Show, Anderson Consulting, Columbus, OH                    1996

Edith Fergus Gilmore Scholarship, Ohio State University                1996


Alabama Artists Gallery, Montgomery, AL – Alabama Originals: Contemporary Craft        2007

Wiregrass Museum, Dothan, AL – Solo Exhibit                    2007

Red Sky Gallery, Charlotte, NC                            2007

Royal Cameo Glass, New Orleans, LA – Inspirations of Renewal                2006

The William and Joseph Gallery, Sante Fe, NM – Abstract and Incalmo            2006

Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA – Blown Away            2006

Alabama Artists Gallery – Works of Distinction: 2005-2006 Fellowship Recipients        2006

River Gallery, Chattanooga, TN Group Show                    2006

Materials: Hard and Soft  – Group Show, Denton TX                    2005

Alabama Artists Gallery – Just Use It: Contemporary Craft Expression              2005

American Craft Council – Southeast Region Spotlight 2004                2004

Blue Spiral 1, Asheville, NC – Group Exhibition                    2004

Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, Biloxi, MS – National Arts Challenge Exhibition            2003

The Museum at Kentuck, Northport, AL – Solo Exhibition – Clarity                2003

Galerie Alegria, Birmingham, AL – Solo Exhibition                    2003

River Galley, Chattanooga, TN – Group Exhibition                    2003

American Craft Council – Southeast Region “Spotlight 2003”                2003

The Gallery of American Craft, Wheaton Village, NJ – The Ripple Effect in Glass        1997

Traveling Exhibition of Works by Alabama Glass Artists – FACETS             1997

Hoyt L. Sherman Studio Art Center Ohio State University, Columbus, OH –     BFA Exhibition    1997


Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL

Wiregrass Museum of Art, Dothan, Al